Rental Home on Anna Maria Island

As an investor, adding amenities like a backyard putting green to your investment home sets you apart.

Local Builder Enhances His Space

A local builder wanted his clients to be able to enjoy themselves while they discussed home designs. Located behind his office building, the putting green creates a clean area that never would have been used otherwise.

Pets Enjoy a Nice Area to Play

This yard backs up to the water and had all stones prior to our artificial grass. Now there are 1500 more square feet of usable area!

A Side Yard Putting Green in Sarasota now a practice area for the kids! A simple turf putting green design that allows for more fun in the sun.

This House Has it All

The combination of pool and putting green, mixed with beautiful landscaping is really inviting.

An Avid Golfer’s Backyard!

This client wanted the best quality putting green so that he can practice at night after work. Located right off his back porch next to his pool.

Go Barefoot From Beach to Yard!

Artificial turf surrounding the outdoor shower make it convenient to stay clean before entering the house.

Miami Artificial Turf Putting Green Repair

We get a lot of customers who need us to repair an old putting green or fix something that a competitor messed up. It is common for landscapers to try and install turf. Choose a specialist.

Nice & Simple

4 Hole Artificial Turf Putting Green

Featuring many different types of putts in the undulation.